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Topic started by Sithis on 25 Jun 2011 21:05:32

How to make money guide

Every day I get asked : "How do I make more money? How do I get rich?"
Lets just face it, petty crimes and pimping won't cut it.
I will try to explain in details how to get the money you want.

Best ways are :

1.) Selling RP's (Respect points)

2.) Selling items

3.) Collecting rent from your turf

4.) Killing hitlisted players

5.) Stocking


-Selling RP's-

Every day you can give 1 or 2 RP's (normal members get 1, premium members get 2). You can respect 1 person once every 48 hours.
Find players that buy RP's for a good price and get as much as $20,000,000 for 1 RP.
Always ask in chat who pays the most and take a look at the adverts bar. If you don't recieve your money right away don't worry, buyer will usually pay when he gets online. If not, try contacting his crew boss or your crew boss. They will probably handle it.

-Selling items-

You can make good money selling all kinds of items. Items can be sold on auctions or by trade. Always ask in chat to get the best price!

There are 2 types of items : regular items and credit items. You can guess already that credit items are worth more then regular ones.
Regular items can be found by doing petty crimes and GTA's. Best selling regular items are : bullet packs, protein shakes and powerzades.
Credit items can be bought at the Credit Store or in the Honour Point store. They are very valuable so they can be sold for a great price. Best selling credit items are : OC resets, energy refills,
planning orders, councillors briefcases and bullet packs.

-Collecting rent from turf-

This is the most complicated way of getting money. You need to invest money and time into upgrading your buildings so you can increase your hourly profit. Best money-makers are apartments so we will focus on them.
You can build 4 apartments on your turf. This limit can be increased by buying councillors briefcases. Every briefcase gives you the ability to build 1 more apartment past the limit. Every apartment
can be upgraded to level 10. This can be increased by buying planning order. Planning orders gives you the ability to upgrade your apartment to level 15.
This all will cost money but in the end it will be wort it

-Killing hitlisted players-

This doesn't require too much explaining. Choose a target from the hitlist, if they are active hire turf spies and destroy their pad (if they are inactive chances are good that their pad is already
damaged so you can hire gangster spies right away), hire gangster spies on the target, start the attack and kill him.

Make sure you have good enough guns and use enough bullets!


Won't make you rich but its good enough for new players. Its simple, buy when stock prices are low and sell when they are high. Keep an eye on the stock charts and predict when prices will raise or fall.


You are welcome to paste this to your crew forum but please credit me.
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