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Topic started by Synthasize on 16 Sep 2011 17:46:51

Extra Info in Page Load

When we released the new template alot of people missed certain aspects of the information that was available on the old template. Tell us what aspects you miss the most and we will add them into the new template.

Because we're nice like that

The Admins

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21 Sep 2011 17:54:06, ThongZnBongZ
Welcome to the club, "OF CBA LOOKING"
21 Sep 2011 10:53:58, Maroon
I can't find anything. Where's the stores? Everything is just very confusing.
21 Sep 2011 01:36:15, Voluptuous Vicky
Bring back the drop bars! Also, all the text is tiny now fr me. I don't see why the game can't take up more of the screen than it currently is.
21 Sep 2011 00:14:17, ThongZnBongZ
Drop Bars... 80% of the people that posted on here said bring back the drop bars, lets see if they listen to the people eh?
20 Sep 2011 19:27:55, SirSickness
crew chat is prob. the 1 thing , and seems most feel that way
19 Sep 2011 15:50:03, Thugslap
Need the crew chat.
Need the bullets storage shown on main screen
Need the garage access button on main screen
Following a wish list
Great if u place all the timers (lead, crimes, bulletfact, oc, next flight etc) realtime counting below the premium red button so we can monitor without needing constant numerous clicks to keep up with them.

Add new button buddies and manage all from there and remove this from account settings.

Bank 10% fee remove this and add at least 2 account moves as minimum, 1 is pathetic.

Allow more than 4 apartments in turf but from N05 and above raise the costs 20-30% or allow it after a specific achievement is met.

Remove the buy out from prison confirmation popup. Same as law firm.

Add 1 more level of bullet factory for producing 600. Add a auto-buying ore and lead producing function connected with auto bullet producing. Make it work only when offline and for 3 cycles timeframe or until logged in again for free. Make it from 4 to maximum 8 cycles while logged off with some credits costs.

Make heavies wages cheaper and half the energy needed to train.

Remove the energy cost on shooting practice at all. its plain exaggeration. Alternatively make shooting range cost one 0 less at the end of the number.

Reevaluate several achievements difficulty or their awards for enough of them are too much effort for nothing.
19 Sep 2011 14:52:11, KEMSLEY
think you should bring back the drop downs that were on the left
19 Sep 2011 10:26:03, Synthasize
I've enjoyed reading your feedback so far, I think it's very good of you all to express your opinions. After all we make this game for you guys.

I would be quite interested in also hearing what you miss the most, one single thing that you find to be the most irritating?
19 Sep 2011 04:14:32, Lizard Lady
Yeah..I agree with most of whats been said:

We need the DROP DOWN MENUS at the side back, takes too many clicks to get anywhere.

bring back OLD CHAT...the game is less involved since the chat has changed

I like the individual chats - they are great

I still cannot work how to get back to an open trade without finding the original notification

The anti-script thing IS extremely annoying...it always says you have entered the wrong code and I have now taken to screen shotting what I enter to prove to myself the code WAS right

Also..I cannot log in very easily from both chrome and safari, it sometimes takes as many as 8 trys before I can enter the game past the code screen without being logged back out. Sometimes I just give up tbh

I like the fact that notifications and messages are now separate.
18 Sep 2011 03:17:24, Sk0rpi0n
i miss the bottom link bar that followed you when you scroll up or down. it had alot of info on it n everything you wanted a link to was on it. i miss crew chat, crews arent the same without a chat room. and to be honest i think the layout looks very low quality and makes the game look boring.

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