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Topic started by TwisteD on 30 Jun 2019 12:45:35

Street-Crime UPDATE 2019 !!!!

Sooo been thinking about possible updates iv seen synth online recently and he said hes working on resurecting the game from the dead

So heres a few updates that i think need to be added in order to keep the game alive.

1. Sleep timer
Youve been building your turf, leveling up your character and working hard in the game for the past 3 months, you wake up 1 day to realise youve been shot dead while asleap, man thats frustrating and thats the 1 of the reason why so many new players end up leaving, there should be a sleep timer so you dont get killed but you can get turf attacked, 6 hours for normal members and 8 hours for paid members.
We all know its a pain to get attacked when your asleep and have your notification go off, its even worse if youv got a young family and kids sleeping in same room, or if youve got work/ school/ exams in the morning to counter this you could make it easier to kill someone when their online

2. Domination
Crew dominations in cities should have a bigger role than they currently do, let players build on their dominated land ie hotels for money, bullet factories etc & have it all stored in a crew safe (where people can loot) .
Also have crew takeovers of dominated plots by attacking it instead of just paying cops more money than the last guy, have special rewards for crews who own all casino, BF & domination in the same city.

3. Bullet factory
BF prices should be set at a maximum of x2 the price of state and a minimum of half, so everyone has a chance to stock bullets, also it stops people stock piling it and giving it to their own.

4. Mansion
Most players whov played the game dont build their turf house above shack because of the time and cost it takes to repair.
This should be fixed so that building a mansion is much better for your survival than a shack is.

In crews the crew boss should have the option to be able to designate bullets, lead and money to a certiam person/ people aswell as having a pay day for everyone.

Thats all the ideas i have for the moment if youv got any others or you agree/ disagree with me let me know in this forum post ill be sending synth a link to this post so he can see what people want

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08 Jan 2020 05:10:17, Cactus
i don't get the first idea at all.

no one can shoot you dead because we can't attack each other. no one can attack your turf because we can't build carbombs.
26 Sep 2019 19:13:57, Seba
If only they had a way to contact all old players
14 Aug 2019 00:20:19, T4NK
01 Aug 2019 13:23:01, Muj
Its a shame they havent the game would be a ton more fun to play if these were implemented
22 Jul 2019 10:17:14, Deja-Vu
I dont think anyone has seen this lol

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