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Topic started by Sylar on 10 Oct 2009 15:29:34

Recent Updates

You can check back here regularly to read and comment on our recent updates on the game.

Latest Update:

New homepage, register etc
Gives alot more information about the game and looks alot better!

Let us know what you think of the latest addition/upgrade to Street Crime.

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07 Jan 2020 21:49:22, Cactus
the last recent update was 2011?
22 Sep 2011 15:38:30, Thugslap
05 Jan 2011 19:29:42, bigFrank
what's the last person standing gonna do???

LOL thats the major Q in this game. That means also he has wiped out his members as well. In this case well he desreves to play alone and harass, car bomb himself till he commits a suicide with a balaclava with no holes for breathing as the ultimate crime hahahaha!!!!!
22 Jan 2011 13:45:05, Nominee0
every time you post your whining shut up adam on topic when avatars do come out we could could have a best dressed contest which i'll of course easily win
10 Jan 2011 01:00:21, Adam
i think 3 month is a more realistic target as we havent heard anything for like 2months now ( Kill is only 12 months late thou ) so hell, maybe even another 12months before we get it
09 Jan 2011 23:12:16, jaco57
when will kill be out plz give estimate a week a month 3 months ????
05 Jan 2011 19:29:42, bigFrank
what's the last person standing gonna do???
05 Jan 2011 09:03:08, requiste
Avatars people can do without, but the Kill option is essential.
11 Dec 2010 03:11:35, Malaki
very sad about the changes to cars and lead, maybe it needed to be done but once again gives me even less to do every day as I have enough cars to last me and little incentive to keep clicking for more
14 Oct 2010 16:46:47, charlie glynn
the new updates ar good ! cant wait for kill
13 Oct 2010 08:53:26, bigFrank
T-Milli would have a field day with the upcoming updates rofl

I hope he logs in soon ....

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