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Topic started by Sylar on 14 Feb 2010 22:38:20

Duping Policy

We will be adding a Duping Policy, multiple account policy, into the Terms and Conditions document. This policy will state our position on players duping.

This will be added in conjunction with the release of Kill.

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18 Dec 2010 20:44:45, WilliamHen
what happened to the duping policy haha
07 Nov 2010 02:49:35, EL-Diablo
"what the hell dorea
01 Nov 2010 10:03:49, GV-Money
Any player found to be actively discriminating against another player or member of society in any way, will have their accounts terminated and further action may be taken." have to do with dupes..

hey... if ya aint gonna answer the poll find somewhere else to post ya rubber jawed chat

gotta be ketchup surely :D

whats everyone else think.
04 Nov 2010 10:40:36, Malaki
Tomato on a bacon butty but for fry ups HP every time
03 Nov 2010 18:37:52, EL-Diablo
just as a matter of public opinion..

tomato ketchup or HP
on bacon butty

what ya reckon..
03 Nov 2010 07:35:16, outlaw_immortal
i'm not discriminating...nobody told you to put your pic up...
30 Oct 2010 18:40:33, outlaw_immortal
GV, is telling the truth against TOS?? i didn't read that in there remind me where it was...
30 Oct 2010 00:06:25, Ephemeral
How does a whole site reset make sense? Why would you need to? High stat players should only be able to be killed by similar high stat players within a given range. Same goes for low stat players otherwise there will be game wide chaos and the balance of the game will be shot to he'll.
29 Oct 2010 15:11:29, Jolleeder
they make the game...
they end the game.. by now...

and lose money

it's a maffia game but you can't have dupes lol
29 Oct 2010 14:51:35, Jolleeder
keep going admins...
good luck...
26 Oct 2010 11:54:26, EL-Diablo
http://www.street-crime.com/uploader/images/thumbnails/1/12871037 80Oct14%5E06.PNG

princess Fiona sounds better

keep up the good work

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