Street Crime is an MMORPG based around the gangster life of drugs, guns, prostitution and murder. You play the role of a gangster aiming to make it to the top and earn respect from fellow gangsters.

Street Crime Ranks

There are 13 ranks including the all illusive rank of Godfather, only the best of gangsters make it to Godfather, think you have what it takes?

Ranking your Gangster

Street Crime is full of exciting features such as petty crimes, grand theft auto, getaway and drug dealing all of which help you gain rank points towards your next rank. As you increase ranks you unlock new sections of the game allowing you to immerse yourself in organised crimes which involves five gangsters working together.

Gangster Punishment

When you start off as a lowly Hobo or Tramp you will struggle to stay out of police custody however as you continue your gangster life you will learn the ropes and gain skill towards keeping yourself out of jail. Think you have what it takes to escape the police?

Male RanksFemale Ranks
• Hobo• Tramp
• Paper Boy• Paper Girl
• Hustler• Hustler
• Conman• Fraudster
• Dealer• Dealer
• Gangster• Gangstress
• Bodyguard• Bodyguard
• Enforcer• Enforcer
• Assassin• Assassin
• Local Boss• Local Bossin
• Crime Boss• Crime Bossin
• Mob Boss• Mob Bossin
• Godfather• Godmother
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