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Making Money

First of all, earning money through crime is a key element of Street Crime. What gangster wouldn't want to become rich? Money allows you to buy things like protection, transportation, weapons or even casinos.

You start the game with just $5,000 in your pocket but you will want to be making a lot more than that. A good way to earn money is to do various crimes. Crimes include Drugs Runs, Grand Theft Autos, Petty Crimes, Getaways, Jobs, Pimping, Organized Crimes and Mugging. (See the CRIME section of this FAQ for more details.)

There are also other more legitimate ways of making cash including the Stock Market, Car Market, selling things at Auction, Building Accommodation, putting your money in to a Bank Account and even running your own Porn Studio. (See the INVESTMENTS section of this FAQ for more details.)

If you’re feeling lucky try making your fortune gambling at one of the many Casinos. Maybe you could even play a Casino broke and become the owner. (See the GAMBLING section of this FAQ for more details.)

Ranking Your Character

Another important factor in Street Crime is gaining experience and achieving new ranks. You start life as a lowly Hobo/Tramp and it’s your aim to reach the top rank of Godfather/Godmother.

The game keeps track of your experience in all actions you do in the game which is used to determine when you will get promoted. Ranking up increases the features you can participate in. it also allows you to hold more units of drugs and shares at the stock market making it much easier to earn money.

The promotion system updates and refreshes hourly at the 00 of each hour e.g. 21:00. If you want to see the actual % needed to reach the next rank you can buy a 'Rank Bar' or a 'Premium Membership' either from the Credit Store, other players, or at the Auctions. (See the AUCTIONS and the MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS sections of this FAQ for more details.) Back to top Travel

To be able to do the Drugs Runs and several other features in the game you will have to travel between all the different cities. We hope you don’t have a fear of flying because to get around you will need to take too the air. Public flights are available to all but you will have to wait 90 minutes between flights!

Once you have earnt enough cash you can purchase your own faster aircraft and the waiting times will reduce. Personal aircraft can be purchased at the Transport shop accessed through the “shopping basket” icon in the top right of the screen or via 'Stores' in the City Menu to the left of the screen.

If you really want to move around fast consider your own F15 available from the Credit Store! (See the MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS section of this FAQ for more details.)

Going To Jail

By conducting illegal activities you always risk getting caught. When that happens you willl be put in jail for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of the crime.

Jail time is still low while you're inexperienced, but it will increase as your criminal notoriety goes up. You will find you end up in jail quite regularly when you first start playing. However, as you become more experienced at crimes, you will be sent to jail less.

You can try busting fellow gangsters out of jail or bribing yourself out, but this might make matters worse if you're not successful. Sometimes the best thing is to just do your time in the joint, or hope somebody will bust you out. If you get bored whilst you’re in jail, you can chat to other in-mates in the Jail Chat.

Another way of getting out of jail is to use a 'Get Out Of Jail' item which can bepurchased from the Credits Store using Credits, or with Honour Points from the Honour Store, or you could see if there are any to buy from other players at the Auctions or in a trade. (See the AUCTIONS, MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS, RANK & PRESTIGE and the TRADE sections of this FAQ for more details.)

Later on in the game you could build a Law Firm on your Turf so your Lawyers can get you out of Jail. (See the YOUR TURF section of this FAQ for more details.)


At some point during the game you are likely to want to exchange with, sell to or buy items from other players. This can be done through the Trade feature. To initiate a trade with another player click the icon showing the two opposite arrows on their profile.

Trade allows you to be totally secure when trading items as the trade cannot be altered once the items have been locked in. Players can trade Casinos, Items, Credits, Crews, Cars, Credit Items, Money and Premium Codes.

A player can initiate a trade with another player, who if agrees, can begin to trade various items with each other. There is a chat facility within the trade which allows you to communicate with the other player to ensure you can negotiate and come to an agreement. Once each player has added their items to the trade they are required to lock their items in so that no further changes can be made. Once both players have locked in their items, the trade must be finalized, only then will the items added be exchanged.

Note: A trade can be cancelled using the 'cancel trade' button at any time up to the point where both players have pressed the 'finalise trade' button.

If at any point you need to move away from the trade you can find it later on the 'Trade' page. It is here you can see all your current trade with a maximum of 4 trades open at any one time.

Note: If a trade has been inactive for an hour it will automatically be cancelled.



All sorts of items can be bought or sold at the Auctions including casinos and credits. An auction will end automatically once the time has elapsed if the minimum bid is met or instantly if the buy it now option is used.

Note: The auction charges a 10% fee on all sales.


To see what is for sale you can either flick through all the pages using the 'next' link, filter by category to narrow your search down or filter by the exact item you are looking for. You will be able to see if any bids have been placed so far and the Buy It Now price if it has one. Also displayed is the name of the seller and the amount of time that auction has left to run next to each item.

When you find what you want select its 'view' link. Now you will be able to see the min bid on the item and any bids that have been placed so far.

If you wish to pay the Buy It Now price you can do so provided you have sufficient funds. After a quick confirmation the item will be yours instantly. Alternatively you could place a bid and hope its higher than the reserve and nobody outbids you.

You will have to wait until the auction finishes to see if you were successful in winning the item. If another player outbids you, you can re-bid with a higher amount of money, provided you have sufficient funds to do so.


To sell an item first select its category: Casino, Credits, Item, Credit Items, Premium Codes or Crews. Then select the item you wish to sell, the quantity, the starting bid and the length of time you want the auction to run for.

Note: These 4 fields are compulsory.

Then if you wish add a reserve price and a buy it now price and click the 'Auction Item' button. You can have up to five items listed for sale at any one time.

If your item sells you will be notified through a message in your inbox and the money (after the 10% tax) will be added to your funds.

Note: When you list an item it will be instantly removed from your inventory.


If there is an item for sale you are particularly keen to get you can watch it. Select the 'watch' link and that auction will appear on your Watching Tab. You can opt to have a message sent to you when the auction is close to finishing. To do this set Auction Notifications to ON.

Note: There is a small charge for this service. Back to top

Refer A Friend

Allies are always good to have and you will be looking to make many in the world of Street Crime. You should also get your friends to join Street Crime so they can help you out!! To do this go to the Refer A Friend page and enter their e-mail address.

Now for the good part! You get to SELECT A REWARD. If your friend joins and reaches the first rank, (which can be achieved easily) then not only do you get the reward you selected, but your friend also receives a reward of their own.

The rewards are well worth getting, some of the items on offer are not only very useful but also sell at the Auctions for large sums of money. This can be very useful for a gangster just starting out. Back to top

Other Useful Information

The Game Tutorial, Tasks and Achievements are all excellent ways of giving yourself a good start in the game. There is also a Helpdesk System if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for in the rest of this FAQ.

Voting for Street Crime on a daily basis will help boost your money, bullets, lead and other items greatly and if you vote a lot you will complete Voting Achievements and recieve BIG REWARDS. The Voting Link can be found at the bottom of every Street Crime page and voting resets at Midnight every day (game time).