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Getting Started

General Game Information

This section provides you will all the information and help that you will need when getting started with Street Crime game.


Street Crime has a very active and thriving community. You can interact with other players in several different ways throughout the game, including your personal mailbox, global chats and forums or via special crew chats and private trade chats. More information can be found on the pages listed below.

Street Crime - The online gangster mmorpg game

Street Crime is a absolutely free massively multiplayer online gangster mmorpg game. In a dark struggle for power on the streets, immerse yourself in a hugely entertaining world of deception, corruption and greed. Battle for power, land, street dominance, respect, cash, hoes, cars, guns, casinos, properties, nightclubs and so so much more.

Your Aim

To immerse yourself in the treacherous world of becoming a gangster, involve yourself in the politics of power and most of all enjoy every minute of playing!

Text based RPG games

You'll soon discover why text based RPG's are so popular! In a text based world everything is possible. There are no limits. Street Crime guarantees "no resets" so you can build your character over years, to infinite strengths and abilities. The longer you play Street Crime the more powerful you become.

More about RPG games and MMORPGs

There are many different styles of online games. RPG stands for Role Playing Games and involve you creating a character and a playing a role within then game. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Roles Playing Games and involve you playing against or with many other players.