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Safety First


  • NEVER give away your password. The consequences can be severe and our Terms of Service explicitly prohibit sharing passwords with others.

  • Choose a password that's hard to guess, and change it on a regular basis. (See the YOUR ACCOUNT section of this FAQ.)

  • Add extra security to your account by applying the 4 digit pin to your account. (See the YOUR ACCOUNT section of this FAQ.)

  • DO NOT use the same password for your Street Crime account as the one used for your e-mail address. Also remember that friends, relatives or colleagues may use your computer and get access to your account if you don't log out.

  • Try NOT to use Hotmail. Most people who are hacked and ask our Admins/Moderators for help use Hotmail, which is very insecure. We recommend you use other, more secure, e-mail services.

  • NEVER download and/or execute programs offered by other players. They may contain viruses or Trojans that can be used to break into your computer.

  • MAKE SURE your computer is always well-protected with firewalls and virus scanners.
    We recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer has multiple bugs that can be exploited by hackers to access your Street Crime account without needing your passwords.

  • Mozilla has a 'remember this password' option. Although time saving, be aware that this also means that any other users of your computer can go to the Street Crime site and can access your account easily if you saved both your email and password.

  • A final recommendation is for you to set your screen resolution to 1280-1024 when playing the game.

  • Don't say we didn't warn you!! While most players in Street Crime can be trusted, some unfortunately cannot. Be smart and don't let malicious users ruin everything for you.

  • If you get hacked and/or mysteriously lose money, the admins mayt be able to track down where the money went. However, the admins NEVER refund 'hacked' money. In 90% of the hacking cases the victim shared his password with a 'friend' on MSN or didn't take any accurate measures to keep his account secured. You are ALWAYS responsible for the consequences of your own actions.

What is Street Crime?

Street Crime is an addictive Mafia/Street role play game, where players picture themselves as a notorious criminal with the aim to achieve the well respected rank of Godfather.

This is now version 3 of Street Crime, with each version getting progressively better. The game was first created towards the end of 2007. The games aim was to focus on certain areas where other mafia games failed and to use the players ideas and opinions to make the game what it is.

From these thoughts and ideas we came up with version 3 of Street Crime which was released at the end of September 2009. Street Crime version 3 is the most unique gangster game on the internet.

Your Account

You can manage your account from the My Account page. This is found under the 'Personal' menu on the left hand side of your screen. Here you can check your personal details, change your password, and more. There are 5 Tabs on this page.


Shows your character name, premium status and how many credits you have. There is also the option here to send credits to another player. (Premium status and credits are explained in detail in the MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS section of this FAQ.)

This is where you can change the password you use to access your account. Choose a password that's hard to guess and change it on a regular basis.

This is where you can set various settings like message alert on/off. (Crew Invitations are covered in the CREWS section of this FAQ.)

Passive account protection mode can only be activated once per account and will prevent you from being killed or killing, owning city assets and becoming the boss of a crew. If you are boss of a crew or have assets already you will not be able to activate the passive account mode.

However You can activate Passive Account Protection mode
while you play the game so you can learn the ropes of the game and you can turn this feature off when you are ready. but will not be able to use this feature anymore.

This is where you can choose to receive information about important events to an e-mail address of your choice. (Attacks, spies and the hitlist are covered in the CONFLICT section of this FAQ.)

This is where you can set the various options for receiving SMS messages to your phone. (Text Credits are explained in detail in the MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS section of this FAQ.)

This is where you can add people to your friends list. When a friend is added, his/her account name will turn green on the players online list, so you can see when your friend is online.

Your friends name will also appear in drop down boxes in the Bank and when you compose a new message so you can easily contact them and send them money.

Also, if another player is annoying you put them on your ignore list and they will no longer be able to send messages to your inbox.

This is where you can set a PIN code for your account. We highly recommend you use this feature to give your account extra security.


The quote is your personal message to anyone who's viewing your profile. You can customize your profile any way you want as long as it does not contain discriminating and/or indecent content. There are a number of different tags you can use on your profile to style it.

You can upload a profile image here. You can only upload JPG and PNG files. The image upload script will auto resize your picture to fit a maximum of 300 by 300 pixels. You can resize the picture yourself before uploading in a range of different image editing programs.


You can select a break period of any amount (1 days minimum, 28 maximum) in which you CAN NOT access your account but you CAN NOT be killed either. You can only take a break from the game if you are not taking an active part in Street Crime. If you are the owner of a Casino or a Bullet Factory, you will not be able to take a break until you have sold or passed them on too another player.


Here you can keep track of payments made to Street Crime for Credits and Premium Membership etc. (These are explained in detail in the MEMBERSHIPS & CREDITS section of this FAQ.)



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