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Topic started by Sylar on 20 Jul 2011 13:18:12

Competition Ideas

We are looking for players to give us their ideas for short competitions we can run to keep the game interesting.

Post your ideas here, if your idea (or part of your idea) is created you will be rewarded with 25 credits.


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13 Nov 2012 18:14:44, _Caliber_
Car Bomb Competition bring it back!
04 Sep 2012 09:47:35, OFWGKTA
Just do top of the crop one time a month... it must be easy to do.

Just this time scale down the prizes a little bit.
18 Jul 2012 17:39:08, stalker_fapper
17 Jul 2012 09:45:30, ukrabill
How about election to the mayor position. For example, mayor has some money from the city bank. Each time when bank is robbed he lose some money. He could chase robbers and then have the revenge. This could also the reason for the crews wars.

In order to make it interesting, how about populating peace status between the crews. Then new war features could be implemented. For example a kidnapping, an ambush in airport. Which could make to player the damage and put him to a hospital for some time (not kill).

And why for now it's not possible to rob the casino? I think it's also could be interesting.
27 May 2012 03:42:28, ImBack
most money made from casinos? :/
04 Apr 2012 06:12:51, Aw Hell Naw
i think yall should bring back the easter egg comp for easter.
12 Dec 2011 12:23:29, bossy
most active in the week
04 Dec 2011 19:38:51, aqil
who can do the most OCs and who can get the most monry from doing OCs in a week or 2,3 weeks
31 Oct 2011 17:25:13, aqil
who can have the most kills in a week or month
18 Oct 2011 18:17:37, YoungJusto
Crew activity yields competition

the objective is to have the most money in crimes or drugs in the crew activity yeilds the more active the crew is the better the chances

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