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Topic started by Synthasize on 29 Mar 2011 13:01:43

SMS Feature

How many of you are aware that you could message your friend on Street Crime direct to his / her mobile phone, in a few clicks?

Purely out of interest, we wonder why very few people use this service. We think its actually pretty useful, especially if your friends with someone in the game, but not outside of the game and they are offline.

Leave your thoughts below.

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13 Jun 2013 03:01:53, MenaceIISociety
!!! SMS Feature OUT OF ORDER [scroll]!!!
13 Jun 2013 02:59:19, MenaceIISociety
Doesn't work.
27 Jul 2011 19:11:35, Communication
either that or someone forgot to put the 50pence in the meter & timer ran out
22 Jul 2011 23:52:44, ThongZnBongZ
they seem to have a "mind of there own"
22 Jul 2011 23:52:05, ThongZnBongZ
SMS Text alearts dont always work and aint 100% relible
21 Jul 2011 21:08:31, Drakov

these SMS messages are suppose to be part of the new package?
30 Mar 2011 10:25:17, Synthasize
Ok some interesting views here, making it free wouldn't really be an option unless we encompassed it into the memberships and then gave you a monthly limit of say 20 a month. Which would both make the membership more worthwhile and give you a bit more for being a member.
30 Mar 2011 07:05:04, dahaka
the thing is also about cost, especially here in india. there are 7 to 8 operators working in every circle, so call and messages rate are freaking low. my telecom service provider gives me facility of 18000 sms/msg a month @RS99, which when converted to euro turns around to be 1.56 euro per month.
which means a jaw dropping 0.0000871EURO, per msg. then y the hell would i use SC's msg facility, which is sooo costly in comparison. just ask their telephone number and send a normal sms, instead of SC one.
29 Mar 2011 22:14:02, Canian
i wouldn't waste rl money/credits on getting someone online

most people are when they are available online and if they are ofline they are mostly not able to get behind computer

and even if you're at work and you get a text message saying blablabla getting attacked help me blablabla, would you waste your time that you should be working on playing a game? you need to seperate rl and sc from eachother so even if people would want to sms me i wouldn't add my phone number
29 Mar 2011 21:36:23, Beast Mode
i agree with guv if it was free or cost SC dollars i would use it but its not worth the credits

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